GBGB Great British Ginger Beer

GBGB Great British Ginger Beer

Press Information

5th September 2011


In only a few short months since new head brewer Martyn Weeks began injecting a sense of adventure into Robinsons’ brew house, his first solo brew Great British Ginger Beer (GBGB) is featuring as a finalist across national Sainsburys stores.

Sainsburys Great British Beer Hunt has been the perfect platform for Robinsons to showcase Martyn’s new brew, after it wowed judges in regional competition rounds with its refreshing hoppiness and fiery ginger kick.

“We were ready for bigger challenges anyway,” commented David Bremner, director of marketing “but the departure of our Head Brewer, Chris Hellin after 17 years meant we had the chance to bring in someone with a different aspect on the cask industry.

Also, the £4 million new brewery investment forces a re-think. Not only will we be re-cycling the brewery aromas back into the beer which used to escape into the atmosphere, but we are installing the biggest hop-back in the Britain which will allow us to brew some distinctively tasty beers.”

Robinsons brand research with beer guru Pete Brown, author of the cask report, has reinforced the need to drive innovation through our beers and GBGB is a reflection of the style of brewing Robinsons are embracing for the future.

“GBGB is a real malty ale blended with natural ginger extract and fruity lemon notes,” says Martyn, “We’ve purposely hand selected premium ingredients to create a perfect rich ruby red warming beer.”

GBGB is available in Sainsburys from 7th September for 3 weeks, when the most popular beer will be announced. As the winner will be listed nationally in Sainsburys, we’re hoping we’ll get to celebrate with a bottle of GBGB and some fresh fish and chips which perfectly complement this light refreshing beer!


Photo: Great British Ginger Beer


GBGB TASTING NOTES Hoppy and refreshing with a fiery ginger kick and fruity lemon notes perfect with Great British favourites like fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and hotpot or enjoyed on its own.

For further information please contact or call 07814 394965



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