festival sell out of ‘build a rocket boys!’ beer

With excitement building since the summer announcement of elbow’s beer venture with Robinsons Brewery, the official launch at Manchester’s Food and Drink festival was bound to be a success.

A dedicated Robinsons’ pub-on-the- square featured ‘build a rocket boys!’ beer alongside their core ale range, plus the latest seasonal Black Beauty. John Robinson enthused “although all of our beers sold really well, it was ‘build’ which stole the show.”

Elbow fans started arriving early to be sure to capture a glimpse of the band as they pulled the first official pints.

John continued, “By the time the band arrived, there were hundreds of fans desperate to see the band and try the new golden nectar- the atmosphere was electric!”

Much to the delight of fans, elbow not only all appeared behind the bar, but they also started pulling pints and giving them away to those fans nearest to them!

From the Thursday to the Saturday the bar managed to sell out of ‘build’ equating to over 2800 pints!

Earlier in the day Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer was also on hand to demonstrate cooking with using Robinsons bottled ales and signing copies of ‘have you got the bottle?’ his collaboration with Robinsons Brewery to create a series of recipes using Robinsons bottled ales as a key ingredient. Recipes also include those by finalists from a competition run to showcase Chefs across Robinsons’ 350 plus pubs.

John concluded, “All in all this has been a fantastic Manchester Food and Drink festival, especially with the launch of ‘build’. We’ve been having great feedback from fans and we’re already starting to look forward to the next few years as a sponsor of this festival.”


Photos: elbow fans enjoying a pint of ‘build a rocket boys!’ beer

Stockist enquiries

Clare Middleton



Robinsons PR enquiries

Carmen Byrne 07814 394 965



elbow PR enquiries

Lewis Jamieson 07718 653582  


T: 020 8254 7875

Twitter – @LewJam

Marketing consultant

Chris Smith – Renegade 020 8563 7788




Liz Goodwin – Fiction/Universal 020 471 5000



www.buildarocketboys.com www.elbow.co.uk


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