Chocolate Tom Is People’s Purr-fect Pint

The original Old Tom has been tickling taste buds for more than 100 years and having used up none of his nine lives, there’s life in the old cat yet! With a prestigious list of accolades and awards as long as a ball of string – including ‘The World’s Best Ale’ – top cat Tom was always going to be a tough act to follow.

However, it would seem the latest litter has well and truly landed on its feet.

Robinsons Chocolate Tom – a full-bodied strong ale filled with the flavour of ripe malt and velvety smooth chocolate teased with an inspired touch of Madagascan bourbon vanilla – seduced drinkers at this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival and won the ‘People’s Pint’ Award.

Over 200 people voted during the course of the event and Chocolate Tom, the only Robinsons beer on offer, was overwhelmingly voted as the best beer on the bar – but Tom didn’t stick around for long; running rings around the competition of over ten tempting local and regional ales, Robinsons Chocolate Tom was the first to sell out by a long way.

Following popular demand, Robinsons are delighted to announce that Chocolate Tom has secured a national listing across the UK with esteemed Nisa Retail stores – so scan the shelves and keep an eye open for Choc Tom in selected stores from early next year!!  Chocolate Tom is also available to order online at and can be spotted prowling the aisles of select Asda stores across the North West.

Having tasted success at home Choc Tom is now doing incredibly well in export and abroad – Russia have taken a particular liking to it!! So now the cat’s out of the bag there’s no knowing where Choc Tom might tip-toe to.

One thing is for sure – everyone is talking about Robinsons tipple called Tom!!  Check out the Full Tom Range at


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