In 2010 the Red Lion in High Lane, Stockport, received an extensive makeover which brought together family brewers Robinsons and successful operator Steve Pilling. Since that time, this Gastro pub restaurant has gone from strength to strength.

With Pilling at the wheel,a multi award winning team of first-class chefs (from all over the globe) in the kitchen, and Robinsons top tipples on the bar, the Red Lion has all the right ingredients for success.

And it’s not taken too long for others to agree… Robinsons Red Lion has won the ‘Training Food Pub of the Year Award’ from Noel Goulding of Career Focus – a company that specializes in placing youngsters in the industry to work in fresh produce focused businesses. Congratulations all round!!

We all know, only too well, that success does not fall into your lap. You need real star quality, an endless supply of enthusiasm and an award winning formula to stand out from the crowd. The Red Lion trains each and every one of its staff according to these principles. “All business is tough”, Pilling says, “but there is a direct correlation between effort and reward (as long as you are good enough).We are proud to have achieved many significant career introductions and given people fulfilling careers that are linked to a marketable CV.”

Today’s job market has left many young people feeling dejected and their career options appear to be less and less. Steve Pilling is a role model for those with a passion for food, a purpose to get somewhere in business and the perseverance to not give up until they get there. For individuals who aren’t afraid of hard work, listen up, Steve’s advice would be: “Apply to get in the best place. Work hard, very hard, for a couple years then move on to another top place, keep improving your CV all the time, live and breathe it and once you are one of the best around you won’t look back.”

The ‘Training Food Pub of the Year Award’ recognizes excellence in the food industry and is a tribute to the outstanding service and standards to be expected at the Red Lion. That’s why Robinsons Red Lion only uses the best locally-sourced ingredients and even has its own butcher!!

Utilising local produce is a subject close to Pilling’s heart: “I have met many fantastic farmers whom have been put out of business by the supermarkets,and I am passionate about supporting them.”

Pilling knows first-hand how much time and effort goes into growing fresh produce. “After picking sprouts in the middle of winter”, Pilling recollects, “I vowed to always pay a good price for them after that.”

The food served at Robinsons Red Lion is symbolic of the time taken to achieve such high standards – The renowned Brown Onion soup, topped with artisan bread and mature cheddar cheese, takes 36 hours to create, while the Red Lion’s famous home cured corned beef hash, with organic egg, W. H. Frost Butcher’s smoked pancetta & HP sauce, is 10 days in the making. Each serving of food is crafted with care and packs a punch full of flavor for the palette.

So…  it may be freezing outside. There may be a recession. It may be cheaper to just stay in… But, there is something undeniably wonderful about being seated at a table, given a lavish list of food to choose from and then have someone politely ask you what you would like to eat, how you would like it prepared and then bringing it to you just the way you asked for it.

And best of all… no washing up! What could be better?

Book your table at or give Robinsons Red Lion a call on 01663 765 227.


Photo: Red Lion staff relish their success

For further information please contact or call 0161 480 6571


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