CAMRA dishes out Special Award to Davenport Arms

The Davenport Arms, or the Thief’s Neck as known to friends, has received a special award from CAMRA in recognition of their longstanding support and success of Real Ale and the great British Pub.

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) presents a number of awards throughout the year in acknowledgment of excellence the industry and the Davenport Arms in Woodford is certainly a place of excellence.

The Robinson family acquired the Davenport Arms in 1922 but this historic hostelry – once part of the famed Capesthorne Estate – dates back to the 18th Century in which the Davenport family were the game wardens to the King’s hunting preserves.

As hereditary foresters of the King, the Davenports had the authorized power to put poachers to death without trial. Hence, the crest of the Davenport coat of arms originally was a serf’s head with a rope around its neck, signifying that the Davenports had the power to hang without appeal to the King. This same crest can still be seen today from the pub’s pictorial.

The legend has it that the tree which stands outside the Davenport Arms was used to hang wrongdoers, hence the nickname ‘The Thieves Neck’ – let us hope that any lager louts stay on their best behaviour!

In addition to this long and rich history, the Davenport Arms also has a long and rich list of accolades and awards. Their latest award, received from CAMRA on Christmas Eve’s eve, celebrates 25 consecutive entries in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (1988-2012).

Now in its 40th year, the Good Beer Guide is fully revised and updated, with details of more than 4,500 pubs across the country serving the best real ale – so you’re never far from finding the perfect pint!

This consistent appearance – in what The Independent have dubbed ‘Britain’s best-selling, independent guide to good beer and pubs’ – is a tribute to the quality and calibre of the staff, the heritage, the food and of course the beer at the Davenport Arms.

Yvonne Hallworth is the fourth generation of her family to steer the wheel of the long-established Davenport Arms – and the 5th generation is already helping at the helm.

“My family and Robinsons have been making decisions together and working hand-in-hand for many years now and I have to say my late Father was always very proud of the way he kept and served his beer and that was passed on to me.”

“We always serve Robinsons beer”, Yvonne enthuses, “at its BEST!!!!”

For further information please contact or call 0161 480 6571


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