300 and Counting As CAMRA Member Takes On Ultimate Robinsons Pub Crawl

An ale-house aficionado reached an impressive milestone recently when he visited his 300th different Robinsons venue.

Stockport based CAMRA member, Mark McConachie, may only live within a few miles of Robinsons’ headquarters, but he’s travelled far and wide during a pub crawl which has taken more than 20 years!

Mark celebrated the achievement at the Sycamore in the Derbyshire village of Parwich where he sampled Robinsons’ excellent seasonal ale, Black Beauty, with licensee Janet Gosling.

“It never started out as a quest to do 300 Robinsons houses, yet it ended so,” Mark said after reaching the impressive total.

“It began with me getting a taste for real ale in 1991. At the time I was working in Wythenshawe, it was often the case that Friday lunchtimes would be spent in the excellent Tatton Arms at Moss Nook.

“The whole thing was made possible due to a handy pocket guide to Robinsons’ estate, this outlined where all of the pubs were located. Travelling by public transport in the main I would set out each day to do three or four pubs either near to work, or in east or north Manchester.

“Within two years I had done all of the listed pubs in Greater Manchester and north Derbyshire. The tally stood at 200 when I did the Waggon at Mottram.”

After reaching a double-century, Mark took a well-earned rest from pub crawling, but his quest began again when a move took him deep into the heartland of Robinsons territory.

Mark said: “A few years after moving to Stockport my interest was rekindled by the knowledge that a good many houses lay not too far away in rural Cheshire and Derbyshire.

“The prospect of doing 300 was achievable, and so it proved to be. A good deal of walking or cycling was involved with getting to some of the remoter, rural houses, so the task was not as simple as in the urban streets of Greater Manchester.

“Some of the pubs visited are true treasures, and I can say it was worth the effort to visit them.

“Many of the pubs I visited have now gone – sold, demolished, or changed use – especially in north Manchester, Oldham and Tameside, yet more have been added to refresh the estate, and indeed my interest.”

David Bremner, Director of Marketing at Robinsons, says “Customers as dedicated as Mark are few and far between.  He probably knows more about our estate than most of us here at the brewery.  His efforts have inspired us to consider a promotion this summer – but on a smaller scale.  As Mark knows we have some fantastic pubs and maybe we can get a few more to visit more than their local.”

The Robinsons estate of venues currently stands at 360 with houses across the North West of England. If you are interested in becoming a landlord at a Robinsons pub or would like more information visit myrobinsonspub.com or call 0161 612 4112.


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