Manchester’s Most Famous Pudding Club Chooses Stockport for its New Home

Life’s sweet at The Red Lion in Stockport right now, with new puddings on the menu co-created with 2 of Manchester’s most revered dessert experts.

A top-secret ‘pudding consultation’ has taken place with Mary-Rose (Su-Su) Edgecombe (formerly Manchester’s “Queen of Puddings”) and Peter O’Grady – founders of Manchester’s iconic Market Restaurant in the Northern Quarter, and its famous Pudding Club.

Peter and Su-Su have come out of retirement to join the “Research and Development team for Puddings” at the Red Lion in Stockport; having recognised the area’s culinary credentials after visiting Steve Pilling and Simon Stanley’s acclaimed Frederic Robinson’s food pub recently.

Finely crafted food made with expertly sourced local and artisan ingredients is the Red Lion’s signature style – its slow cooked gravy has been proclaimed the best in the North, the Charolais beef is aged 28 days and butchered in-house, and the bread is baked across the road by an artisan baker.

Now Steve and Simon are honing their pudding collection to perfection too – with a cracking team of pastry chefs whose mission is to produce ‘Perfect Proper Puddings’, with skill and care.

The team in charge of ‘Operation Perfect Pudding’ are Kate Torville, The Red Lion’s pastry Chef (who has come all the way from Australia to work with The Red Lion!), as well as Peter O’Grady, Su-Su Edgecombe and Steve and Simon themselves.

The first development session saw the creation of a classic – ‘Steamed Seville Marmalade Sponge with Grand Mariner Custard and Seville orange sauce’. This, alongside other puddings all created by the Pudding Team, are now available on the menu at the Red Lion.

As well as delicious new puddings, served all day every day, the Red Lion Pudding Club will be the region’s new ‘Pudding HQ’ – relaxed evenings staged in the spirit of the original Pudding Club at The Market Restaurant. Sweet treat devotees will try the very best puddings in the North, created to the Red Lion’s meticulous standards, as part of a 4 course sweet meal including a savoury starter. Plus guests will meet other pudding lovers over a glass of dessert wine.

Customers should email with the subject heading ‘Puddings!’ to express interest in joining!

For more information call 01663 765227

Peter O’Grady said: “Not many places devote the care, time and skill set that the last dish of the meal deserves. I have been amazed at the attention to detail in everything they do at the Red Lion and so I’m delighted to make Stockport the new home for the Pudding Club. I’ve just tasted the excellent “Steamed Seville Marmalade Sponge with Grand Mariner Custard and Seville orange sauce”. This dish gets a big thumbs up from us – it’s in the best Pudding Club tradition and tastes delicious. We’re absolutely delighted to be involved and are looking forward to the first Pudding Club”.


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